Project 2013 Professional

Project 2013 Professional

Project 2013 Professional

Microsoft Project is the world's leading project management program. Now, Microsoft Project makes it easier than ever to manage schedules and resources, communicate project status, and report project information. Not compatible with Office 2016.

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Please first download the software linked to here from the Internet. The downloads are provided by Microsoft and are freely accessible to anyone. Please create a boot medium from these downloadable files. Only purchase the licence once you have the boot medium.

Software Project 2013 Professional (English, Project 2016 Professional): DOWNLOAD

Handbook (in English): DOWNLOAD

End user licence agreement (EULA): DOWNLOAD

You purchase from us:

- The licence to activate the product on one computer.

- 30-day support by e-mail for installation and product activation.

We guarantee:

1. Successful installation and product activation on one computer within 30 days of purchase.

2. That you will be able to retrieve all updates from the software manufacturer.

3. That it will be possible for you to use the installations permanently on the computer on which you have installed and activated the software. There is no time limit. No subscription, no further payment obligation.

We do not guarantee:

1. That you will be able to activate the product on more than one computer.

2. That it will be possible for you to activate the product again once you have activated the product on one computer within 30 days.

With more intuitive tools and built-in project management assistance, you'll get productive quickly - even novices can start project planning and reporting immediately. Microsoft Project has the fundamental project management features that you need to stay informed, so projects stay on track and within budget.

Microsoft Project Professional 2013 is a great program for product managers who need to efficiently maintain schedules and resources. This software also allows managers to report project information and communicate with team members. The software includes the ability to use Project Online, the cloud-based feature that provides full project management capabilities from almost anywhere on any device. SharePoint integration is also a key feature as it allows for the viewing of tasks within a project by all allocated team members. SharePoint can also be used by project team members to record their time spent on a project and managers can easily retrieve these time sheets. This program has a similar look to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and this familiar design makes it easier to incorporate, learn and use. All of the key ingredients for successful project management are included in this software, allowing for projects to stay on track and on budget.


System requirements

  • Hard disk space - 3 GB
  • Processor - 1 GHz
  • Random access memory (RAM) - 2 GB
  • Operating System - Windows 7, 8 or 10

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