Your computer mouse can do more

Published : 2022-06-08 20:57:07


The introduction of mouse control in the 1980s has made our work on the computer easier and faster. This development is not over yet: a small, free additional programme gives you the possibility to carry out self-determined work steps with simple gestures via mouse.

The programme is called StrokesPlus. You can download it from the Internet here:

For example, select a text and move the mouse from left to right and then down a little, and the text will be cut out if you have set it that way. If you move the mouse from right to left and then down a bit, it can be pasted, if you have set it that way in StrokesPlus.

Of course, the programme can be switched off and on again with one click if you do not need it temporarily.

Because StrokesPlus is permanently free, you can only win with it without taking any risks.

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