Mac Office 2011 Home & Business

Mac Office 2011 Home & Business

Mac Office 2011 Home & Business

Office 2011 for Mac includes the Macintosh versions of Word 2011, Excel 2011, PowerPoint 2011, Outlook 2011 and Messenger for Mac 8. For one computer.

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Please download here the linked software from the Internet, after you have purchased the licence key. The licence key and a free Microsoft account are required for the download. You can open the free Microsoft account HERE.

Software Office 2011 Home & Business (English): DOWNLOAD

Handbook (English): DOWNLOAD

End user licence agreement (EULA, English): DOWNLOAD

You purchase from us:

- The product activation licence for one computer.

- 30 days support by e-mail for installation and product activation. 

We guarantee:

1. The successful installation and product activation on one computer within 30 days after purchase.

2. The procurement of all updates from the software manufacturer.

3. The possibility of permanently using the installations installed on the computer, on which you have installed and activated the software. No time limit. No subscription, no further payment obligation.

We do not guarantee:

The possibility of product activation on more than one computer.

The Mac OS X operating system by Apple is increasingly gaining in popularity. However, when using a Mac, you need, as a general rule, to run Windows compatible programs, so that you can share files or presentations with Windows users. So that you can do this successfully, we provide you, in our online shop, with the Office 2011 Mac Home & Business software package with one licence. The software solution offers you optimal support in everyday areas of the world of work and allows you to always act in a business-like and professional manner.

System requirements

  • Hard disk space - 2,5 GB
  • Processor - 512 MHz or faster, Intel
  • Random access memory (RAM) - 1 GB
  • Operating System - Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher

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